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The Poko Group partners with Inventory Source and Flxpoint to offer an automated dropship program for its e-commerce business

The Poko Group partners with Inventory Source and Flxpoint to offer an automated dropship program for its e-commerce business

The Poko Group is UK-based with a strong portfolio of CBD brands, including:

  • Financial services platform LumiPay
  • Consumer brands Poko and Canndid
  • News and media sites The Extract and Candid Magazine
  • CBD online store CBD Village

These brands and platforms create a complete ecosystem that brings innovative solutions to the CBD industry⁠. The Poko Group aims to:

  • Supply businesses with high-quality CBD-derived products and other natural health supplements
  • Offer a reliable payment gateway service for high-risk industries
  • Provide a CBD-focused marketplace for buyers and sellers to connect and trade
  • Share news and information about CBD with an increasing audience

Their consumer brands, Poko and Canndid were originally available to retailers for wholesale. The partnership with Inventory Source and Flxpoint now signals an expansion of the Poko Group’s capabilities to offer dropshipping for resellers in the UK and in Ireland.

Their award-winning skincare brand, Poko offers a range of skincare products that are natural, made with organic, plant-based ingredients infused with CBD. Certified by the Vegan Society, Poko is a leading brand in CBD skincare. Their Canndid brand offers a wide variety of CBD products, from oils, tinctures, capsules, edibles and CBD pouches. While fairly new to the CBD industry, Canndid has been making waves for their new range of products, CBD pouches. They come in 8 different, delicious flavours and are a smokeless way to infuse CBD into people’s lifestyle.

The Poko Group has chosen Flxpoint and Inventory Source as partners because they offer the ideal solutions for growth.

Since 2003, Inventory Source has been supporting businesses to build and grow by providing automated dropship solutions and enabling them to connect directly with suppliers. For high-volume sellers, Flxpoint enables businesses to scale by providing them with a platform that unifies all aspects of their e-commerce business in an integrated and automated way.

David Hughes, President of the Poko Group says, “We’re excited for this partnership with Inventory Source and Flxpoint to help us boost sales for our flagship brands Canndid UK and Poko. Their solutions will help us scale and grow our business.”

Inventory Source has a list of thousands of resellers globally and with The Poko Group’s plan to grow, this partnership will enable them to offer their CBD-based products to e-commerce businesses in Europe from 2021-2022 and expand to the US market in 2023.

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