The Poko Group Launch it’s Canndid CBD Range

The Poko Group Launch it’s Canndid CBD Range

The Poko Group are set to launch their Canndid CBD range, focused on the recreational space. The range will at launch encompass tinctures, capsules & gummies.

Canndid will add teas, coffees and hot chocolate to its range in early 2021, followed shortly by its flagship item, CBD pouches.

The Candid range is expected to add to the groups ability to be able to sell higher margin products on its E-commerce sites and to be able to supply a full range of products to wholesale and distribution centres. The revenues from wholesale are expected to become a large portion of the groups 2021 revenues.

About Canndid

Canndid is a recreational CBD range focused on providing affordable, fun and discreet CBD products for every walk of life. Focused on providing products to the consumer that don’t require additional devices and expenses to use.

Canndid has a method of consumption for every CBD user, pick up your Canndid product of choice, pop it in your bag and go. We believe in simple and effective products to let you get the most out of your CBD and your life.

Canndid is currently available for sale on and will be launching its own website in Q1 of 2021.

About The Poko Group

Poko is a UK-based CBD company that leverages its strong portfolio of brands, including The Extract, Candid Magazine, CBD Village, Cannmed, Lumipay and Poko, and integrated capabilities to deliver high-quality, CDB-derived products for itself and its wholesale and white label customers.

Poko is committed to the development of a complete CBD ecosystem, from advertising and media to lead generation for white labelling services and finally offering a marketplace platform to sell or set up CBD ready store.

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