Poko is The Groups flagship brand, a natural skincare company harnessing the power of CBD for one goal: to transform your skincare routine. Poko strives to deliver the best in holistic skincare by combining the innovation of cannabidiol with tried-and-tested, skin-loving ingredients like aloe vera and botanical oils.  Visit the site 

Poko’s products come in 3 different luxury ranges; Radiance, Revive and Rejuvenate. Each range is created to provide customers premium skincare for different skin types such as, blemish prone, ageing & dry skin and can be paired with shelf favourites for a complete skincare regime.

Currently Pokos range is inclusive of 5 SKU’s but has huge potential to scale. 

Revenue Streams: 

  • E-commerce sales 
  • Wholesale & distribution agreements

Stage of the Ecosystem: 

  • Flagship CBD skincare brand, utilizing the other assets to gain traction in the industry

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