The Poko Group is made up of the below entities. The business is broken into independent units that work seamlessly together.

  • The Extract: One of the leading news and media sites for the CBD and Cannabis industry in the UK. It’s main aim is to provide lead generation for the raw materials and marketplace sites.
  • Candid Magazine: A lifestyle focused e-zine, newly acquired and repurposed it’s still finding its audience. Similar to The Extract its purpose will be lead generation and support for the other assets in the group.
  • CBD Village: One of the main revenue drivers for the Cannmed Group, this asset will remain in place working alongside the Cannmed Marketplace. Aiming to be one of the top 3 UK CBD e-commerce stores by 2021, it is recently launched and undergoing huge improvements weekly.
  • Social Channel Network: These channels can be used to boost any of the assets in the Cannmed Group or to carry out industry insights, in effect a marketing tool.
  • Cannmed Wholesale: A raw materials, whitelabelling and isolate supplier in the UK, Cannmed products will offer continuous revenue to the Cannmed Group. The goal would be to grow  Cannmed and potentially be acquired by or partner with larger players in the UK once regulations are in place i.e. Novel Food Act in March 2021.

  • Canndid: Launching in the UK, the Canndid product range offers a selection of high quality affordable CBD products to the market, including there soon to launch CBD Pouches. 
  • Cannmed Marketplace (Working Name): A sustainable focused marketplace that will remain within the group and be the main revenue generator from 2022.
  • LumiPay: A CBD friendly, high risk payment gateway. Currently expanding its client base with the goal of being acquired or separating out of the group at a later stage to IP as its own Financial service.
  • Poko: An innovative CBD skincare brand. We see this brand partnering with, being acquired by or stocked with some of the larger chains or skincare brands, such as Clairin’s.